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Welcome to the website of 3d Sign Factory

We design and create all kinds of models to a monster-sized bug for a mobile phone ad. Our work is international. We work with advertising agencies, production companies, designers, and photographers. 3d Sign Factory has over 5yrs experience, there’s not much we haven’t done or can’t solve! 

Using our own CNC milling machines 3d Sign Factory can manufacture exact polystyrene model replicas of anything. For example, cartoon and animation characters, polystyrene shapes, digital sculpture replication, scaled up or down versions of products for special promotions – racing cars, furniture, human models, 3D company logos, polystyrene sculptures can be copied for marketing purposes, product launches, exhibition displays, film sets, television props, sales promotions and advertising campaigns.

3d Sign Factory really does create the complete sculptural service. We have the facilities and experience to undertake projects of all sizes and all descriptions. The scale and diversity is endless. 

reception tree3d Sign Factory works with all materials, producing items for TV, Movies, Theatre, Exhibitions, Museums, and all aspects of the promotional and advertising world. We specialize in polystyrene carving, mould making, productions in fiber glass, set building, one-off sculptures, and theming. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and liaising with the client throughout. We see the work through to completion from concept to drawing, pattern making, prototypes, production EPS in plastic, artwork, transportation and installation on site when required. 

Whether you have a single item product launch, or an exhibition area to fill; whether the item is to last only a few hours, or a lifetime: then 3d Sign Factory will make sure the item is right for the job in concept and cost. 

Please contact  info@royalfoam.us Phone: (904) 345-5400 for help and advise concerning any future 3D projects you may be considering. Be it ice cream or monsters!